This program will provide excellent weed control and help to balance fertilization levels in your lawn. 


These applications have a combination of a crabgrass preventer, two weed, and feeds, plus fall fertilizers.

Application 6, core aeration, may be added in the fall for an additional charge.

Important Application Dates


Pre-Emergence crabgrass
preventer & early dry fertilizer

Crabgrass problems are most easily controlled with pre-emergence applications which work on the germinating crabgrass seeds. The product we use is “Dimension*.”

*You will not be able to overseed areas where “Dimension” have been applied until September or October.


Broadleaf weed herbicide
with fertilizer

A weed-free lawn requires a herbicide application in early spring to control the germinating weeds. The fertilizer is then applied as a supplement to the early spring application and is beneficial to turf grass.


Granular fertilizer


This application is a turf building fertilizer with slow release nitrogen. It will provide your lawn with a steady source of nitrogen over the summer months promoting a thicker, greener lawn.


Fall broadleaf weed
herbicide with fertilizer

Application 4 is aimed at controlling perennial weeds which germinated in the summer and prevent them from flowering next spring. The fertilizer is a booster to assure ample nutrients are available to begin the fall growth period of cool-season grasses.


Fall granular fertilizer
& micronutrients

This application is aimed at encouraging a healthy root growth during the time of year when roots are actively growing the most, fall. Our special blend of plant nutrients will prepare your lawn to withstand summer dryness during the next growing season.


Core aeration


The roots of your lawn need air to grow. This treatment pulls cores of soil from your lawn and allows air, water, and fertilizers to penetrate into the root zone of your turf. These cores disintegrate after a rainfall and top-dress your lawn.Aeration is particularly used on compacted clay soils and areas where there is a thatch build up.

Additional Applications

We also offer other services to help make your lawn as healthy and beautiful as Door County.

Grub Control

Got grubs? If you are seeing an increasing number of dead patches in your lawn or it looks like something has been digging holes in your yard, you could have grubs. For the best results, we suggest applying grub control in June to August. If you’ve had grubs in the past, it’s always a good idea to reapply grub control on your lawn for at least 3 consecutive years.


If you are having problems with carpenter or fire ants, spiders, bees, wasps, biting flies, boxelder bugs, earwigs, pill bugs, or other insects, then our insecticide is just what you need. We can spray your entire lawn or a portion of your lawn that provides 1 to 3 months of control depending on the pests.

Mosquito Control

Stop spraying your kids and guests, just spray your lawn. Our mosquito spray will definitely make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and protect you against dangerous mosquito bites.  We spray the perimeter of your property, trees, and any other problem areas. Past customers have received up to 2 months of a virtual mosquito-free yard.


Did you know that most fungus issues occur in lawns where sod is laid? In addition, most of the fungus issues don’t occur until 2-3 years after the sod was laid. If your lawn is diseased it may have multiple brown patches and dollar sized spots. Give us a call right away for a free estimate, before the fungus spreads all over your lawn.

Perimeter Pest Control

We spray an insecticide around the base of your house which extends out approximately 6-10 feet. This will create a perimeter so ants, spiders, and other pests can’t easily enter your home.


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